Adventure Summit (3)

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Jul 08 - Jul 13, 2018
5th-6th Grade
$309 / $379 / $449
Rev. Gary Maguffee

Meet the Dean

Rev. Gary Maguffee is the senior pastor at College Heights UMC. He is a long time friend, supporter, and dean at Camp Loucon. He has deaned Adventure Summit since its inception and deaned Adventure camps for many years prior.

Leadership Team: Cody Jellison, Corbin Harris, Phebe Ligon

Tracks Offered For This Camp

  • Adventure Track

    Adventure Track 1   Adventure Track 2

    For campers who love the classics! During track time, Adventure track campers will rotate through Camp's adventure options a second time (zip-lining, climbing, rappelling, archery, etc.). If no track is selected, this is the default track. Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Art Track

    Art Track 2   Art Track 1

    For campers who feel especially creative! This track offers campers the opportunity to take craft time to the next level. As well as participating in their favorite adventure activities, campers can expect to spend about 2 hours a day working with an artist in various forms of media, learning new techniques and mastering old ones!

    No experience, just enthusiasm, required! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Creative Music & Art Track

    CMA Track 1   CMA Track 2

    For campers who love to perform! In addition to all adventure acitvities, campers can expect to spend about 3 hours a day rehearsing for a musical to be performed for parents and campers alike. There are opportunities for solos, duets, and fun dance numbers. Let your light shine! Available to Adventure Summit.

  • Cross Country Conditioning Track

    Cross Country Track 1   Cross Country Track 2

    For campers who love to run! Campers will have time set aside daily for conditioning, training, and prep for cross country season. Led by collegiate athletes who love Camp as much as you do! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Sports Track

    Sports Track 1   Sports Track 2

    For campers who love to play! In addition to all traditional adventure activities, campers who choose this track will spend 2 hours a day learning and playing different sports. Specific sports are selected daily. Teamwork and good sportsmanship required! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Activities Available To This Camp

    About this Camp

    5th-6th graders satisfy their adventurous side for a full 6-day, 5 night week of camp. Each day, campers are challenged to stretch outside their comfort zones in activities such as ziplining, climbing, and low elements. Loucon staples such as swimming, canoeing, games, crafts, campfires, and hayrides are included, with the addition of archery. Family groups meet each morning to teach lessons about Christian living and nightly worship offers a perfect opportunity for campers to experience God’s word.

    Want more pics?

    Pictures of this camp will be available for view on Smugmug, Loucon's photo viewing website, once the camp begins. Campers and parents will receive information on how to access Smugmug at Check-In.

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